Jan 20th 2021

New Year Message from the President

January 12, 2021

Dear Member,

I want to thank each of you. Without you, the club would not exist. I would also like to thank our Executive Committee. Their effort’s, day in and day out, drive the club’s success.

Early in 2020, we were faced, like everyone else, with the COVID challenge amid high levels of social unrest. There were lootings, riots, Police Stations were being overrun by lawless mobs; people were concerned. The concern manifested into record firearm purchases and people needed a place to practice and learn how to use the tools they just purchased. Your Executive Committee showed extreme courage in deciding to keep the club open; one of the only clubs in the state to do so. The next challenge, deciding on a plan to bring new members on board while ensuring COVID protocols were followed. Again, this team of true patriots came through. The Club even offered free familiarity classes to non-members, helping to ensure new firearm owners used safe handling practices.

Our Range Clean Up Days were a challenge, but membership rose to the occasion. We cleaned, changed lighting, repaired holes in the roof and ceiling. Thanks to very generous grants from the NRA and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundations, we purchased new clubhouse tables, archery equipment, and shooting equipment for the Granite State Sharp Shooters. We conducted Youth Archery Classes which sort of morphed into Parent/Child Classes. We ended the year by joining the community in the Halloween Parade, by all accounts a big hit with the children. Next was the 44th Annual Children’s Christmas Party. Oh, the challenges here were many. How do we pull off a safe, enjoyable party given the restrictions of COVID? Well, you did it! You did it without Peg and I, since I was only able to bring COVID back from my annual elk hunt this year! When the weather challenge struck during the party set up, Peg sent out the ‘911’ call, and you answered. More members and community residents showed up to help than we ever could have expected. Increased costs were a challenge as well; but, in addition to the generous annual funding we receive from the Lyle Clough Fund, Walmart and Mascoma Bank both stepped up to help with grants, and we received several donations from private sources as well to ensure the party could still happen. A total team effort: Enfield PD, FD, EMS, Citizens, Friends of Mascoma, the Mascoma-Enfield Lions Club, and the EOC all came together to give the children a party they should remember. Finally, the 12 Guns of Christmas Raffle was a huge success. You have a lot to be proud of. Everyone working together pulled off some incredible feats. Just imagine if our whole Country could work together like this community did!

So, here we are in 2021. What will we accomplish this year? Here’s a list of things in the works. More classes in Archery, Orienteering, First Aid & CPR. How about that second fence gate? Of course, there will be club improvements. Improved Archery Range, 100-Yard Range, Ice Fishing Classes, Basic Intro to Handgun Action Types, Hunter Education Classes, and I’m sure a lot more. I’m not foolish enough to think everything will be rosy. There will be challenges. People are going to come after our way of life and we need to be prepared. The club must be on ‘solid’ financial footing. We’ll need to work together to ensure no one person or group is able to take away the lifestyle we love. I look forward to working with each of you to secure the 2nd Amendment and the Enfield Outing Club for our future and our children & grandchildren’s future.

In closing, I want you to know I’m proud of each of you. You’ve accomplished a lot and I’m sure together we’ll accomplish even more.

Stay safe… stay healthy… shoot straight!

Kevin M. Howard, President

Enfield Outing Club