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EOC's 30/30 Raffle

Drawing begins Wednesday, December 1, 2021 and concludes on Thursday, December 30, 2021

To watch live, we will be using the NH Lottery Pick 3 Evening Drawing (6:55 pm) Drawing.  Winning ticket numbers will be posted on this website as well as the NH Lottery Website.  Winner will also be called/emailed by a member of the EOC after each drawing.

Maximum of 1000 tickets will be sold

Cost is $30 per ticket

Rules:  One ticket number will be drawn each evening beginning on December 1 and ending on December 30.  One gun/case of ammo will be awarded each evening.  All numbers remain in play for the duration so each number may win multiple times.

Winner does not need to be present/watching to win.

Drawing schedule as follows:

12/1 - Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion   Winner: #460, Barbara M. 
12/2 - Century Bullpup Semi-Auto 12 GA   #815, Brad U.
12/3 - Sig Sauer 365XL 9mm  #053, Steve P.
12/4 - Walther PDP 9mm  #531, Unsold Ticket  #854, Brad U.  
12/5 - Glock 43X Silver   #065, Kevin H.
12/6 - Ruger Charger Take-Down .22LR  #041, Jason G.
12/7 - Thompson Center Impact .50 Cal  #853, Richard B.
12/8 - Federal 9mm 115 FMJ - 1K Round Case  #098, Jay W.
12/9 - Bergara .308 Ridge 18"   #895, Erik P.
12/10 - Sig Sauer P320 Xcarry 9mm   #137, Bob B.
12/11 - Springfield XDm Tactical 45 ACP   #136, Ashley L.
12/12 - Ruger American Pistol 9mm   #299, Hunter W.
12/13 - Springfield Armory XD 9mm Mod 2  #960, Unsold Ticket  #954, Daniel A.
12/14 - Thompson Center TC22 Mossyoak  #572, Daniel A.
12/15 - Rock Island VR Pump 12GA   #678, Unsold Ticket  #380, Dick F.
12/16 - S&W M&P 9C Optic Ready  #430, Brian J.
12/17 - KelTec CP33BLK 22LR  #499, Michael H.
12/18 - S&W M&P 15/22 8" Pistol  #311, Unsold Ticket #575, Michael D.
12/19 - Federal 45ACP 230 FMJ - 1K Round Case  #858, Shanna K.
12/20 - S&W M&P Shield+ 9mm   #913, Unsold Ticket  #681, Rodney F.
12/21 - Ruger SP101 .357 SS 3"  #287, Victor F.
12/22 - Ruger AR 556 (substituted for recalled Colt) #133, Ron F. 
12/23 - S&W M&P 15 Sport II 5.56  #039, Charles P.
12/24 - Sig 365 SAS   #294, Karl B.
12/25 - Winchester 556 55 FMJ - 1K Round Case  #363, David S.
12/26 - CZ 712 Utility 12GA Semi-Auto  #051, Dino V.
12/27 - Springfield XDs .45 ACP 4"  #369, Pete W.
12/28 - KelTec Sub2000 Glk17 Mags  #186, Larry G. Jr.
12/29 - Ruger 10/22 Delux  #196, Lucas B.
12/30 - Federal 9mm 115 FMJ - 1K Round Case  #078, Brian S.
Congratulations to our winners and a huge thank you to everyone for participating!  The EOC appreciates your support!
To purchase tickets:  Contact Peg at,, or 603-523-7677.  They can also be purchased at the clubhouse during club meetings which are held the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.  You can also mail a check made payable to EOC or Enfield Outing Club to PO Box 178, Enfield NH 03748.  If you mail a check, I will complete the entry portion (so please provide name, email and phone number for each ticket), photocopy and email you a copy of the completed ticket, and then mail you the receipt/stub portion for your records.  I will also post on our facebook page when I'm out at the range and tickets can be purchased then.
The fine print: 
Winners must be 18 years old to take possession of a rifle, shotgun or ammunition and at least 21 years old to take possession of a handgun.
All guns won are subject to availability.  EOC reserves the right to make substitutions of equal or greater value if the designated item is not available for any reason.
All winners must comply with any state laws/requirements where they reside.  Any out-of-state transfer costs will be the responsibility of the winner.
If a number is drawn for a ticket that has not been sold, that item remains the property of the Enfield Outing Club.
Permit to conduct raffle granted by the Town of Enfield under the authority and provisions of Chapter 287-A of the NH Statutes.
The Enfield Outing Club is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Peg Howard, Secretary at or 603-523-7677.

EOC Offers a $500 Scholarship 

Would someone you know benefit from a $500 Scholarship?

Making a commitment to enter a Law Enforcement or Wildlife Management career in any capacity is an honorable and selfless endeavor that shows true dedication to community service and deserves to be recognized. The Enfield Outing Club acknowledges that dedication.

Therefore, it would be our honor and privilege to award a $500 scholarship to a Mascoma High School graduate who is pursuing a degree in some form of a Law Enforcement or Wildlife Management career field (i.e. Forestry, Game Warden, Marine Biology, Law Enforcement, etc.)

If you are interested in applying, please contact Peg Howard to obtain an application. She can be reached at:,, or 603-523-7677.


Volunteers are Needed

1) We are looking for volunteers to help with the Friends of NRA Banquet this year. 

If you are interested in helping, please get in touch with Peg at, or 603-523-7677.


In The News




Enfield Outing Club members made a surprising discovery while teaching Intro to Archery classes in 2019—the parents were just as interested in learning as their kids. Parents were required to attend with their eight- to 16-year-olds for safety reasons, but that became a win-win when it sparked extra interest. 


“The parents were there, and the first one said, ‘Hey, can I shoot?’ Then the next one said, ‘Hey, can I shoot , too?’ and before we knew it, they were all shooting,” says volunteer Kevin Howard.


Kevin and his wife Peg are president and secretary respectively on the board of the Enfield Outing Club. Kevin is also the chair of the Upper Valley Chapter of RMEF serving as cochair for two years and merchandise chair before that. Peg serves as treasurer. 


The Howards wanted to expand the Enfield Outing Club with new activities in the community. “I’ve been shooting bows since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, so I figured let’s do some archery,” says Kevin. 


He and Peg worked with the town of Enfield to host archery classes in 2019, with help from other club members Sarah, Kevin and Ciara Hart—all also RMEF volunteers. They started with a mongrel pack of well-used recurve bows and worn bag targets. But once grants started flowing in from RMEF and Friends of the NRA, the group purchased elk, deer, turkey and coyote 3-D targets, as well as Genesis compound bows that make flinging arrows easier for kids of every age. 


“Some of the little guys and girls had a rough time holding and drawing the traditional stuff. The Genesis bows are just much easier to use,” says Kevin. 


While events were scheduled throughout 2020, the program was scaled back once the pandemic struck. They shrunk the classes to no more than six kids with their parents so they could socially distance during classroom time, which included safety training. Using these precautions, they were able to host two Intro to Archery classes and hold an outdoor archery shoot on September 7. 


“The equipment Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation helped the club purchase is top notch, and my boys (then age 17 and 12) really enjoyed their time on the range,” says club member William Rayno. Shara Buffington says her 13-year-old twins were also thrilled taking the class and getting outside with other kids during COVID.


The Howards plan to host four classes in 2021 starting June 28 for both youth and adults and are now creating a new women’s-only class. Kevin says he and Peg love to share the joy of archery and pass it on to the next generation. 


“We’re looking forward to many more classes,” says Peg. 


—Heather Fraley 


Published in the BUGLE, Sept/Oct 2021;


In The Field, On The Ground pg 137/138





Being there for the community has always been part of the Enfield Outing Club's mission, whether acknowledged or not.  But sometimes, it's nice when someone does notice.  Massad Ayoob did just that with his 4/24/20 blog in Backwoods Home Magazine.  If you have a moment, please take a look to see what he had to say about the EOC. 

Thank you Massad for your kind words and support.