Upcoming Classes

These are the upcoming classes scheduled at the Enfield Outing Club. 


Course: "Bullets and Bandages" - $200 *

Date:  November 7, 2020

This course is designed to train responsibly armed citizens during an active self defense situation involving firearms or in an active shooter circumstance. In these situations, the individual is the immediate responder in a bleeding emergency. Based off the guidelines of the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (CoTECC), this class will train the responsible gun owner how to treat and stabilize casualties in traumatic events.  There will be a mix of civilians and LEO in attendance, unfortunately, we will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants with 2-3 instructors.This Course covers: 

• Principles of Care Under Fire
• Care Under Fire (Hot Zone)
• Tactical Field Care (Warm Zone)
• Casualty Evacuation (Cold Zone)
• Legal Questions and Issues
• The ABCs of bleeding
• Methods to stop an active bleed
• Hemorrhage Control: Tourniquet application & Wound packing
• Chest Seals (Sucking Chest Wound)
• Nasopharyngeal(NPA) Airway Management
• Improvised litter carry
• Casualty carry Techniques
• Live Fire practical application

Prerequisites: Basic understanding and safe handling of firearms
Sign up: www.readylineproducts.com under the classes and training tab

* This course is free for LEO's, military, and/or any first responders only.


Course: Women's Handgun and Self Defense Fundamentals 

Cost:  $150 non-members; $125 members

Date:  November 20, 2020 6pm -10pm and Nov 21 9am - 4:30pm


The USCCA Women's Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals course will be offered at the Enfield Outing Club in Enfield, NH.

Pre-registration is required.

The course consists of three modules:

• Women's Basic Pistol

• Women's Intermediate Pistol

• Women's Defensive Pistol

A course manual will be provided.

Hours are 6-10 PM on Friday, 9-4:30 on Saturday.

Students are encouraged to bring their own firearm.

Please note!

"Shatter-proof" prescription, Shooting or Safety Glasses, plus Hearing Protective devices are mandatory.

Please contact them to register at:  https://www.besafenh.com/event-info/womens-handgun-and-self-defense-fundamentals